You can now search family court records for case information

The state of Massachusetts recently made available an online interface for searching family court records. If you want to find a court case docket number, see the date of a court action, or just see if someone’s divorce is in progress or complete, you can find your answers through this search. The state made the interface very confusing, so I give step-by-step instructions below the URL for the site.

1) Go to:

2) In the lower left, indicate that you are “not a robot” and click on “Click here”

3) On the “Court Department” drop-down menu, select “Probate and Family Court”.

4) On the “Court Division” drop-down menu, select the county where the case was filed and heard.

5) Enter the “Last Name” and “First Name” of one of the parties involved in the case. You do not need to enter any more information on this page. Click “Search” on the lower left, and you will see a list of all probate court actions for people with the name you have entered.

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